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The albums are as follows:

charles - Charles MacLean. This album contains hundreds of images. It is organized into a series of sub-albums by image number ranges. Thanks to Charles for getting so many people!

dave - David Lee. Two sub-albums: -inside for indoor scenes and -outside for outdoor scenes.

geri - Geri. Several sweet family pictures, organized into three sub-albums: -home at home before arrival, -before at the lodge before the ceremony, and -ceremony of the ceremony. Lots of pictures of Sharon and other close family members can be found here. These pictures tell a story.

nancy - Nancy Van Allen A wonderful and playful assortment of standing poses. They are organized into three sub-albums: -couples for two-person pictures, -groups for groups of three or more people, and -singles for single-person pictures.

ryan - Ryan Flegal A selection of pictures by Ryan Flegal.

honeymoon - Art and Sharon Art and Sharon took these pictures during their honeymoon on Dominica. They are organized into two sub-albums: -week1 for the first week, and -week2 for the second week.

For more information about how to use this album (browsing images, finding similar pictures, making web addresses of specific albums or pictures to send to friends, how to expand view of picture to full screen, etc.), please visit Attention those of you who have slow internet connections: go to this link for useful information.

If there are any pictures of you on this web site that you want removed, please contact Art and Sharon (email: about it. In your request, specify precisely which pictures of which albums you are talking about. They will get ahold of me and I will promptly delete them from the photo album. We want this photo album to be enjoyable for you! :) (David Lee)

More Pictures

Here is a link to another site that is managed by professional photographer Peter Rubens. Art and Sharon invited Peter to provide the kind of record his experience and equipment can add. The pictures on Peter’s site allow viewing, but downloads have a nominal charge to cover his costs.
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